St. Mark is blessed to have an array of Ministries in the forms of Clubs and Boards. Each make strong efforts to meet all needs of the church body within and community abroad. Please contact Mrs. Mildred Woody or the Presidents/Directors/Chairs for more information about their organization and how you can be involved.





Sis. Denise Rogers
Sis. Delores Estes

Altar Guild

Sis. Gloria Bullock

Chancel Choir

Sis. Lucy Williams

Christian Education

Sis. Jemma Boler,
Sis. Thomacena LeGrand

Class Leader Board

Sis. Alice Tharrington

Courtesy Guild

Sis. Gloria Stevens

Daughters of St. Mark Relief

Sis. Sylvia Cotton


Sis. Donna Jinwright

Ever Ready

Sis. Jackie McKeithan-Foster

Friendly Circle

Sis. Helen Davis


Sis. Stilwyn P. Brown

Gladden/Herndon Ushers

Bro. Alexander Perry

Human Dignity

Bro. Jesse Wilcher

I. H. Marsh

Bro. Lynn Graham

Inspirational Voices

Bro. Diamond Jinwright, Sr.

King’s Daughters and Sons

Sis. Ruth Sanders

Kitchen Staff

Bro. Donnell Greene

Lay Council

Bro. Jesse Wilcher

L. A. Miller Progressive

Sis. Gwendolyn Suitt

Lucille McCoy Senior Citizens

Rev. Brenda McCormick

Male Chorus

Bro. Esthus Amos

Medical Staff

Dr. Oveta Vick,
Dr. Veronica Ray

Directory of Music

Bro. Diamond Jinwright, II

Missionary Department

Sis. Helen Davis

Pastor’s Aide

Sis. Althea Hinton

President’s Council

Sis. Mildred Woody

Public Relations

 Dr. Joyce P. Edwatds

R. L. Speaks Achievement

Sis. Annie Hamilton

S. P. Perry Builders

Sis. Sarah Jinwright

Silver Leaf

Rev. Dannie McClees

Steward Board

Sis. Omega Parker

Stewardess Board

Sis. Bettie Darden

St. Mark’s Webmaster

 Media Team

Sunday School

Bro. Gregory Williams

Trustee Board

Bro. Diamond Jinwright, Sr.

Trustee Aide Board

Sis. Verdell Amos

Usher Board #1

Sis. Denise Rogers

Wedding Coordinators

Sis. Gloria Bullock,
Bro. Edwin White

White Rose Circle

Sis. Theresa Carroll

Youth Usher Board

Sis. Denise Rogers


Sis. Fannie July