The EverReady Club

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The Ever Ready Club was organized in June 1973 during the pastorate of Rev. Dr. L.A. Miller. It was reorganized in February 2008 by Rev. Dr. G. Ray Coleman. 


Class Leaders

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Class Leaders have always been a very significant component of the St. Mark ministry. The record of the Board of Class Leaders from the earliest days of the church documents the dedicated activity of the class leaders to support the spiritual and temporal well-being of the members of the church. The Board of Class Leaders is made up of class leaders and the assistant class leader. In St. Mark, the pastor has assigned an assistant class leader for every leader. The class leader is a role that is special in Methodism. The role of the class leader is to encourage their class members to be faithful disciples. Class leaders visit with their members during sickness or life crises when the members need support. They are helping for encouraging members to feel connected with the church fellowship. Many people remark how their class leader helped them in their faith development and to stay faithful to the church.

Human Dignity

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“For I was hungry and you gave me meat, thirsty and you gave me drink, naked and you clothed me”. The Human Dignity Ministry at St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Durham, NC began in 2004. Prior to this, the St. Mark Sunday School would purchase food and take it to the homeless shelter to serve those in […]


Health Ministries

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St Mark AME Zion Church offers ministries that cater to the needs of your temple, the physical body. Learn more about how you can get fit, facilitate healing, and stay healthy with the ministries below.


Contact the following for more information:

Ask A St Mark Doctor

“Ask A St Mark Doctor” is an online community where you can post questions of health concern for licensed practitioners within our church to respond. Responses can be provided confidentially or community based so that others who may be experiencing similar concerns can benefit as well.

Dr. Veronica Ray, Dr. Ovetta McIntosh-Vick, or Dr. Dwight Perry


Diabetes Ministry

The Diabetes Ministry is designed to give support as well as nutritional guidance to those that have been diagnosed with diabetes or have loved ones who they can take the information back to. This ministry is not targeted to a specific age group and is open to all who will like to be educated more about this prevalent condition.

Mrs. Geraleen Singletary

AIDS Ministry

The AIDS Ministry has an urgency of raising local and global awareness, prevention, testing, treatment, support and stigma reduction. It is comprised of many deeply dedicated and committed volunteers whose goal is to change the course of this devastating disease in our community.

Mrs. Denise Rogers


Do You Need Your Blood Pressure Checked?

Blood Pressures are taken every 2nd and 4th Sunday immediately following service in the Sacristy. Please plan to come by and have your pressure checked at no cost. Mrs. Hazel Howard


Fitness Ministries

Contact the following for more information:

Tuesday Night Aerobics

6:00PM – 7:00PM Ms. Gloria Bullock St Mark A.M.E. Zion, Downstairs


Thursday Night Aerobics

6:00PM – 7:00PM Ms. Gloria Bullock St Mark A.M.E. Zion, Downstairs


Basketball League

Coming Soon…If you are interested in coaching this group, please contact the church office: 919-688-2092